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11. November 2021
Support for joint complaints

Say goodbye to joint pain! The Do´s & Dont´s of joint pain therapy.

Did you know that more than half of the adult population is regularly plagued by joint pain? Whether it´s after a short-term heavy, incorrect load or long-term after joint injuries or surgery, misconceptions about the causes and treatments in the population are widespread! What is correct here and really helps?

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10. November 2021
Cartilage regeneration in one step!

HYALOFAST® is the only fully hyaluronic acid-based cell carrier. In combination with mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), supports the regeneration of hyaline cartilage in chondral and osteochondral lesions.

As a 2 x 2 cm cell carrier that supports the regeneration of hyaline cartilage, it can be used in a single-stage surgery, primarily during arthroscopy for grade III and IV lesions (ICRS classification).

Unlike multilayer collagen or synthetic products, HYALOFAST® is a 3-D matrix composed of a single layer of HYAFF® fibers, an ester of hyaluronic acid and a major component of human cartilage tissue.

Hyaluronic acid supports the settlement, proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells to completely fill the lesion regenerated tissue, improve clinical scores and allow patients to quickly return to their daily lives.

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09. November 2021
Bone replacement revolution

DBM gels, puttys and pastes that are equivalent to autologous grafts? They don´t exist? They actually do:
AlloFuse´s advanced products.

These clinically effective, safe and user-friendly grafts have been implanted in more than 130.000 spine, orthopedic and other surgical procedures for fusion and bone reconstruction purposes since 2006. AlloFuse contains additional ground cancellous bone and offers numerous benefits!

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09. November 2021
57th ÖGU & 2nd ÖGOuT Online-
Annual Meeting 2021

From 07th to 09th October 2021 the 57th ÖGU & 2nd ÖGOuT Annual Meeting will take place. This year the topic "Minimally invasive trauma surgery and orthopedics" was chosen, with a focus on the philosophy of care. On the basis of a comparison, advantages and disadvantages of minimally invasive techniques in musculoskeletal surgery will be presented.

For more information on the congress, click here: Online-Kongress 2021

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November 15 Society for arthroscopy and joint surgery
October 6 Austrian Society for trauma surgery, Salzburg
September 30 Fame meets OKG
May 6 Grazer congress, Graz
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