NIPRUSS 60mg 5 ampoules

Lyophilizate for the preparation of an infusion solution.


Medically active ingredient 1 ampoule containing 52.75 mg lyophilizate for the preparation of an infusion solution contains nitroprusside sodium, anhydrous (corresponding to 60 mg nitroprusside sodium 2 H2O).

Other ingredients: None.


Hypertensive crises, controlled hypotension during surgery.


Nipruss must not be used if you are allergic to nitroprusside sodium; in cases of congenital pathological narrowing of the aorta in the transition area of the aortic arch to the main aortic branch (aortic isthmic stenosis); in cases of hereditary atrophy of fibers of the optic nerve (Leber's optic atrophy); in cases of bilateral, usually irreversible visual loss in color perception due to chronic tobacco abuse (tobacco amblyopia); in cases of vitamin B12 deficiency; in cases of metabolic acidosis of the blood and body (metabolic acidosis); in cases of hypothyroidism; in cases of existing short-circuit connection between arterial and venous blood vessels within the lungs (intra-pulmonary arteriovenous shunts).

Side effects

Feeling of weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia.

Indications of cyanide poisoning: bright red venous blood, hypoventilation, lactate increase, decreased oxygen uptake, palpitations, headache, metabolic acidosis, coma, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory paralysis, and convulsions. Deaths have been described. Cyanide poisoning is completely preventable with concurrent infusion of sodium thiosulfate.

Inadequate blood pressure reduction and occurrence of tachyphylaxis or tolerance are more likely in younger than in older hypertensives.


Keep drug out of reach of children.

Prescription Only.

Pharmaceutical entrepreneur

ALTAMEDICS GmbH, Josef-Lammerting-Allee 16, D-50933 Cologne, Germany.

For further information and warnings and precautions, please refer to the SmPC.