Restoric Nephro Intra D Chocolate

Drinking food for dialysis patients

Restoric nephro intra D supports nutrition to meet requirements in the context of dietary management in the event of existing or impending malnutrition and food intake disorders.

The drinkable food is specially adapted to the needs of patients with renal insufficiency requiring dialysis.

How much restoric nephro intra D should be taken - and when?

The amount to be taken depends on the degree of malnutrition and is prescribed by the physician.





Hemodialysis Peritoneal dialysis Proteinuria Ascites Peritonitis

1 – 3 sachets daily 

300 – 900 kcal

25,5 – 76,5 g


In case of exclusive nutrition with restoric nephro intra D, the dosage must be further increased and adapted to the individual energy requirements of the patient.

Restoric nephro intraD can be taken at any time. In case of supplementary nutrition, the sip feed should be taken as a snack.

  • Effortless replenishment of energy and protein stores
  • Small drinking volume
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • More freedom in food selection due to
  • less import of potassium and phosphate
  • Long-term taste acceptance confirmed in study
  • Give your patients back their strength!
  • Contains: 24x cookie