Our performance range

Whether products for the treatment of chondral and osteochondral defects, gastroenterological diseases, sip feeds for dialysis patients or surgical instruments - we offer the highest quality for the treatment of your patients. Our portfolio includes products and expertise in orthopedics and traumatology, sports medicine, surgery, dialysis, gastroenterology, and ophthalmology, as well as infusion solutions.


Orthopedics & traumatology

The focus of our products is long-term joint preservation. We offer solutions and therapies in the field of sports medicine, osteoarthritis and effective cartilage regeneration.



Our range of services includes colorectal cancer screening as well as innovative therapies for inflammatory bowel diseases.



With our surgical products, we support medial professionals in the successful, surgical treatment of diseases and injuries.



With our quality products, we support necessary renal replacement therapy procedures to rid the blood of excess water and waste as well as excreta products.


Other products

In additon to the major service areas of orthopedics & traumatology as well as surgery and dialysis, we also serve other areas, such as products from ophthalmology. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the PCL rapid spit test reached the European market through us.


Our goal is your health.

Product overview

Infusion solution Electrolyte infusion solution 153 m. Glucose 5, 500 ml glass bottle
Infusion solution Electrolyte - IL 148 with glucose 1 Paed 250 ml (glass)
Infusion solution Electrolyte infusion solution 75 m. Glucose 5, 500 ml glass bottle
Gastroenterology CitraFleet - powder 2 pieces
Gastroenterology CitraFleet - sachets of 100 pieces in a carton
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Prae chocolate
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Intra D mixed carton
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Intra D Chocolate
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Intra D Biscuit & Capuccino
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Intra D Strawberry
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