Our goal is your health.

We are Haemo Pharma. A successfully managed family business that holds a leading position in the distribution of medical products and medicines thanks to its many years of experience and excellent networking. With our know-how and more than 300 partners, we jointly develop optimal solutions for joint preservation and offer the highest product quality for the treatment of your patients.
That's what we work hard for every day!

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25. January 2023
Haemo Pharma ist neuer Nachwuchspartner des SK Rapid
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19. December 2022
Haemo Pharma wird neuer Mattersburg Rocks Sponsor
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25. November 2022
F.A.M.E. meets QKG - Knorpeltherapie und Gelenkerhalt am Knie
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Our products

Infusion solution Electrolyte infusion solution 153 m. Glucose 5, 500 ml glass bottle
Infusion solution Electrolyte - IL 148 with glucose 1 Paed 250 ml (glass)
Infusion solution Electrolyte infusion solution 75 m. Glucose 5, 500 ml glass bottle
Gastroenterology CitraFleet - powder 2 pieces
Gastroenterology CitraFleet - sachets of 100 pieces in a carton
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Prae chocolate
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Intra D mixed carton
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Intra D Chocolate
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Intra D Biscuit & Capuccino
Dialysis Restoric Nephro Intra D Strawberry
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Health remains the most important thing ...

... as well as reliability, humanity and responsibility. We place great emphasis on the highest product quality and forward-looking innovation.

Family business for 16 years

As a dedicated and well-established family business, we have specialized in the distribution of innovative and high-quality original products in the core therapy areas of orthopedics, trauma surgery, gastroenterology and urology for 15 years. Modern regenerative medicine in orthopedics is particularly close to our hearts. In 2006, we were one of the first companies in Austria to establish a seamless concept for temperature monitoring in transport and logistics: From the manufacturer to the end customer, we guarantee the strictest temperature monitoring of the products.

With our excperience and expertise, we would like to help restore and increase the vitality and quality of life of as many people as possible.

Our partners